Professor Sabrina Lin, BA, MS, PhD
Vice-President for Institutional Advancement


Prof Sabrina Lin was appointed Vice-President for Institutional Advancement, effective 1 November 2017.

Prior to joining HKUST, Prof Lin held a number of executive positions in the IT sector. At Cisco Systems, these included Global Vice President, Commercial & Multinational Corporation Business (Asia Pacific, Japan & Greater China); Global Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer (Asia Pacific, Japan & Greater China); Managing Director, Strategy and Operations (Asia Pacific, Japan & Greater China). At Hewlett-Packard (HP), these included Executive Director, BRIC Strategy and Business Development, as well as R&D Director, Digital Information Management and Subscription Services. Prof Lin was also co-founder of two start-up companies in Silicon Valley, one of which focused on commercialization of educational research, and another which provided professional information and services to enhance personal, social and business effectiveness.

A native of Hong Kong, Prof Lin holds a master’s degree in statistics and a doctorate in psychology, both from Stanford University. Prof Lin enjoys jogging and hiking and, as a mother of four children, exploring the world with her family.

Areas of Responsibility

The Vice-President for Institutional Advancement (VPIA) is responsible for advancing and enhancing the University’s position across academic, research, innovation and industry domains in collaboration with faculty, students, and staff. Current focus includes:

• Public Affairs

• Development and Alumni

• Global University and Enterprise network and partnerships

• Mainland University and Enterprise network and partnerships